Sweet Sixteen Selections


Greg- Duke
Bryce- SDSU
Katie- SDSU


Greg- UNC
Trey- UNC
Bryce- Kansas (they aren’t winning it all, so I’m picking them here)
Katie- Kansas


Sunday Picks

Greg Stuck- Syracuse

Trey- Texas

Katie- Purdue

Goose- Purdue

Bryce- Purdue

Saturday Picks

Katie- UConn

Trey- Florida

Goose- SDSU

Greg H- Pitt

Greg Stuck- SDSU

Scott Stuck- Ky, richmond, sdsu, gonzaga, wiconsin.

Bryce- BYU

Friday Picks

After yesterday’s exciting round 1, Sabrina, Nick Chaney, Scott Stuck, Kyle, Stacy, and Poppa Mike missed at least one of their picks. They need to pick FOUR winners today to “buy back in.” Below are everyone’s picks for today.

Bryce- Purdue and Syracuse

Trey- Arizona and Syracuse

Greg H- UNC and ND

Sabrina- Xavier, Texas, Arizona, and Syracuse

Chaney- Texas, G’Town, Washington, Purdue.

Goose- UNC and Texas

Andy- Washington and Arizona

Greg Stuck- Texas and Purdue

Scott- Arizona, Texas A&M, Washington and George Mason

Kyle- Arizona, Illinois, Washington, and Georgetown

Jill- Ohio state

(not paying per NCAA rules, just for fun)

Stacy- Villanova, Georgetown, Texas, and Tennessee

Katie- Notre Dame and Texas

Poppa Mike- Purdue. Georgetown. Washington. Syracuse

Thursday Picks

Today’s picks (whoever submitted before the first game was entered, sorry I came up with this idea so last minute)

Bryce- Kentucky and UConn

Trey- Richmond and BYU

Greg H- Kentucky and Florida

Sabrina- Louisville and Vanderbilt

Chaney- Cincinnati and Utah State

Goose- Vanderbilt and BYU

Andy- Wisconsin and BYU

Greg Stuck- West Virginia and Wisconsin

Scott- West Virginia and Michigan St.

Kyle- Wisconsin and Louisville

Jill- Ohio state and UConn (not
paying per NCAA rules, just for fun)

Stacy- Penn St and Michigan St.

Katie- BYU and K-State

Poppa Mike- Michigan St. and K-State

March Madness Last Minute Tourney Pickem Contest

I’m trying to put together a last minute side wager for the NCAA tournament.  This is completely optional but might be fun to try.  Here’s how it works.  Each round, you have to pick a certain number of winners.  You can only pick each team one time, so choose wisely.  You have to win ALL your games that you’ve picked to advance.


Today- I pick Kentucky and UConn


If they both win, I’m still in.  If they both lose, I’m out… BUT I can “buy back in” for 4 teams tomorrow (this is the only time you can buy back in).


Tomorrow- I pick Purdue and Notre Dame


If they both win, I keep going.  If either one loses, I’m out for good.   If won wins and one loses, I’m still out.  But the kicker is, for the rest of the tournament, I cannot pick Kentucky, UConn, Purdue, or Notre Dame.  So the strategy would be to pick teams early who you think will win, but not win it all.  You could theoretically make it to the national championship game but not have any team to bet on…


Below is the break out of how many teams each round you have to pick.

First Round

Thursday                                2 Teams

Friday                                     2 Teams

Second Round

Saturday                                1 Team

Sunday                                   1 Team


Third Round (Sweet Sixteen)

Thursday                                1 Team

Friday                                     1 Team


Fourth Round (Elite Eight)

Saturday                                1 Team

Sunday                                   1 Team


Fifth Round (Final Four)

Friday                                     1 Team


National Championship

Sunday                                   1 Team


If you would like to be entered for consideration, please email me saying “I’d like to be in this crazy pool you just heard about the morning March Madness started” with your picks for TODAY AND TOMORROW.  Please have them emailed in before the first game today.  Because wagers make things more fun, let’s say the entry fee is $1.


Pancake Inspiration

Last week I was eating breakfast with some friends on Friday morning.  We were talking about what we’re learning and what’s challenging us in our daily lives.  We had just finished pancakes and bacon.  As the others were sharing, I looked over the table and saw 6 plates, 12 pieces of silverware, some glasses, and other assorted things.  When asked to share, I said “my life is a lot like this table.  There are so many things in front of me.  But if I’m supposed to pick up a couple things and run hard, I can only do that with a few things.  If I pick up more than I can handle, I’ll trip, drop them, or not run as hard as I could with a reasonable load.”

I feel like there are so many things competing for my attention.  My heart tells me to pour into my marriage, the world tells me to pour into my career, the little boy inside me wants to go explore, and my soul tells me it needs Jesus.  Toss on a non-profit, volunteering at a high school, keeping up with my busy family… it’s overwhelming sometimes.  But I think the thing I’m learning is that I cannot and should not try and do everything.  I’m learning to say no.  I’m learning to be ok with “missing out” on silly little things.

Katie and I celebrated our six month anniversary yesterday.  Our celebration took place at Kroger… I was talking to my brother Andy, jokingly saying “Katie and I have pretty much overcome every obstacle life can throw at us.”  Of course I was being sarcastic, but it made me think that I am so new to all this.  We’ve barely left the starting blocks of the marathon that is our marriage.  I don’t even think we’ve hit a serious obstacle yet.  We’re blessed to love each other and love being married.  We’re trying to figure out how to serve together, live together, and love each other more than the day before.  I’d say it’s going well so far.

Below is a funny picture of my friend Aaron.  He was goofing off after campaigners with this sign in the Arby’s parking lot.